Cegoltar Project Details

Project Type
Online Store Website
Cegoltar SRL
Project Leader
Ion Bulat


Cegoltar is the official distributor of INGCO. In addition to the distribution of INGCO instruments, the company has a long history on the market of the Republic of Moldova in the field of trading and providing electrical installations to objects of major importance in the country.


The client defined the goal as developing a online store website for desktop and mobile. The site shall include various functionality like: filters, searching and a powerful back office admin panel


The technical challenge was to pick a database and a technology to support large amount of entities.

Technical Solution

We had to choose between SQL and NoSQL databases. By doing a fast POC we came to conclusion that NoSQL databse MongoDB have a very good read speed. So when users will filter for various type of products, the waiting time will be as less as possible.